In 1992, Michael Jordan was the biggest name in sports. And Gatorade made everyone want to Be Like Mike.

23 years after the original Be Like Mike, Gatorade brought it back to a new generation.

Three new films, social activations, and an experience to become Mike.

The films collected over 40 million views total. And #BeLikeMike was used over 100 million times. That's a lot.

If you need a refresher, the original, digitally remastered spot is at the bottom. And it's adorably 1990s.

Jordan is the Greatest of All Time. You can try to argue with that. But it won't turn out well for you. Jordan took the game of basketball to another place. And we took the original spot to another place.

We've all done it: While playing in our drive ways, we've imagined hitting a buzzer-beating shot or playing against our favorite athletes. One kid imagines himself inside the world of Be Like Mike.  

Athletes today still aspire to Be Like Mike. And in the world's most Michael Jordan gym, athletes have the carrot of the Greatest of All Time hanging in front of them, pushing them further.

The case study video.

And here's the original. The remastered Original premiered during the NBA All-Star Game, in all it's 4:3 goodness. It was pretty disruptive to re-air the original. And it turns out kids still love Jordan today.


To tease the campaign, I tested out my neon sign photoshop animation skills (which were non-existent), and had some fun with it.