Over the course of an impressive 18-year career Peyton Manning has reached out to hundreds of people with sincere handwritten letters. To teammates and rivals, celebrities and coaches, friends, family, and fans alike. Now, after 18 years, Gatorade offers a sincere thank you to the Sheriff using his own words.

This film was nominated for Outstanding Commercial at the 2016 Emmys.

Peyton isn't a digital kind of guy. He prefers a handwritten note over a social post. In fact, he's not on social media of any kind. So when Peyton retired in 2016 and fans took to the Internet with countless messages of love and support, we wanted to create something real to honor his career.

Oh, and ESPN spoofed the film at the 2016 ESPYs Awards, which is a very important awards show....at least as far as unimportant awards goes.